The hiccups of the baby in the womb

The hiccups of the baby in the womb

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One of the situations that most excites a pregnant woman, after seeing her baby for the first time in an ultrasound, is noticing her movements. New moms, from the 18th or 20th week of pregnancy, may begin to notice a slight tingling that gradually becomes defined until they clearly feel the movements and kicks of the baby. Those who have already had another child even notice them before.

However, the kicks is not the only sensation that the mother perceives, some pregnant women notice perfectly how in some situations your baby has hiccups, how is it possible?

Hiccups in the fetus are very normal and very common in pregnancy. It is perceived mainly from the last trimester of pregnancy, although it is unknown if it also occurs in the early stages of pregnancy.

The fact that the baby has hiccups is not a concern, the mother, therefore, should not be alarmed. This is a normal occurrence due to the immaturity of the baby, whose diaphragm contracts in certain situations. Experts point out that hiccups are another facet of the development of the baby, who is training to breathe outside the womb.The diaphragm undergoes these spasms to exercise. And, although the baby's lungs will not begin to function until it is born and air does not enter them, amniotic fluid can penetrate.

The mother can clearly differentiate a normal and routine movement of the baby from the moment in which he hiccups because it produces a rhythmic and constant tapping. They are spasms that can last from five minutes to half an hour.

There is nothing that the mother can do to stop the baby's hiccups, but the most important thing is that, although it may be annoying on occasion, it does not cause any type of problem in the correct development of the baby. It is normal. What's more, the newborn baby is also likely to suffer hiccups until his respiratory system has fully adjusted to life outside the womb.

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