Bear with balloons. Balloon twisting craft

Bear with balloons. Balloon twisting craft

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One of the activities that most amuse children is making figures with balloons. Balloon twisting crafts are ideal for children, especially for cheer up birthday parties or any other type of event.

By folding the balloons you can transform them and give them any shape. Learn to create your own balloon bear following these simple steps.

  • 16 purple balloons
  • 5 black balloons
  • 1 white balloon

Advice: You can use the color you prefer, but try to make all 16 balloons the same color.

1. To make the bear's face, blow up the balloons marked A to 8 inches and those marked B to 10 inches.

2. Blow up a white balloon to about 7 inches and a black one to about 3 inches.

3. Twist the ends of the balloons together to form the ears.

4. This is how the back of the bear's head should look.

5. Blow up two black balloons to 2 inches and tie it through the back of the head to hide the details.

6. Make a cluster of 4 balloons inflated to 10 inches.

7. Join the ends of the bunch and form a square.

8. Blow up a 10-inch white balloon and place it across the seams.

9. Make a cluster of four balloons and blow up the balloons marked C at 8 inches and those marked D at 10 inches.

10. Join the ends of the cluster made in photo 9 with the balloons in photo 8 at points X and Y.

11. And so would be the back of the bear with the head and body attached.

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