Saint Naomi Day, June 4. Names for girls

Saint Naomi Day, June 4. Names for girls

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If your daughter is born June 4, a suitable name would be Naomi. This name with a soft sound comes from Hebrew and means 'the one with sweetness', or 'my delight, my charm' according to other voices. It corresponds to a character from the Old Testament.

According to the Naomi Bible She was an example of a woman capable of withstanding all adversities, Despite being widowed, losing her two children and starving, she managed to get ahead with her daughters-in-law, including Ruth, who adored her mother-in-law and whose honomastic is celebrated on the same day. Naomi would later change her name to Mara, which means 'bitter'.

Although it has never been very popular, the name of Naomi began to be used more frequently between the 60s and 70s, becoming one of the most fashionable names of this time in Spain. Currently it is not one of the most used names.

Naomi's name is linked to a kind, sweet, exquisite and fighter person. Among the diminutives most used for this name we can highlight that of Noe or Emi.

In other languages ​​such as Galician it has its variant with Noemia, while in English its equivalent is Naomi and in French Noémie.

Among the famous personalities that are called this way we can highlight the English model of international fame Naomi Campbell, who was the first woman of color to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine. Also the Spanish actress Noemí Ruiz, Noemí Sanín, Colombian lawyer and diplomat, Noemí Galera Nebot, director of Spanish musical castings, or the Peruvian singer Noemí Huamán Peralta. Also famous is Noemí Scochi, Antonio Miró's wife.

In our calendar of the names of saints in June you will find the origin and meaning and the curiosities related to other names by the date of their onomastics.

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