Why the voice of mothers has superpowers

Why the voice of mothers has superpowers

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A mother's voice is unique. But also, has super powers. This is what a latest scientific study affirms, which has been able to demonstrate two things: that a mother's voice is always the favorite of her children and that she is also capable of exercising a special power over your emotions and ability to communicate.

It is the first thing we hear long before we are born. The mother's voice cuts through the amniotic fluid and reaches our ears with a sweet feeling of protection. We listen to it in all its versions: soft, subtle, melodic, crisp, histrionic ... It comes to us as a compliment, a shout, a lullaby. It is so personal that a child would be able to recognize it without hesitation among many other voices.

Yes, until now we knew that the mother's voice is special. But a study, prepared by scientists from theStanford University School of Medicine, in Palo Alto (California, United States), goes further. He has managed to show that the mother's voice has all these powers:

1. It wields more power than any other. The child's brain is more engaged with the voice of its mother. In other words, the mother's voice exerts more influence on her child. What you say has much more impact than what anyone else tells you.

2. It influences your child's communication skills. The mother's voice also activates the language recognition region of the brain. Without a doubt, she is the great teacher when it comes to teaching the child to speak. But she is also a great teacher when it comes to the development of social communication.

3. Improves self-esteem. Another area of ​​the brain that reacts to the mother's voice is the one that provides information about oneself. Everything that his mother says about his son has a special bearing on the way in which the child sees himself. Hence, you may have a special power to support your child and increase his self-esteem.

4. It is the main emotional support. The areas of the brain that are most active when listening to the mother's voice are those that manage emotions. Hence, it has a special influence on the development of your child's emotional intelligence.

5. Benefits memory. A mother's voice also triggers the facial recognition area of ​​the brain. It helps to remember features and gestures and encourages the development of memory.

About thirty children between 7 and 12 years old participated in this experiment. 97% recognized their mother's voice among many others. Through MRI, the activity in his brain was detected when he heard his mother's voice. Every time they heard their mother speak, even nonsense words, areas of the brain related to emotions were activated, areas of the brain that assign value to reward stimuli and the area of ​​the brain that gives an idea about oneself.

The mother's voice, therefore, influences more than any in the social, emotional and linguistic field of children. Scientists think that it can be a way of study to clarify what happens in the case of children with communication problems, as is the case of autistic children.

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