Santo Job Day, May 10. Names for boys

Santo Job Day, May 10. Names for boys

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Job is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'the persecuted one'. It is a name of exceptional beauty for its simplicity and the relaxing evocations it conveys.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange or old-fashioned, but rather provides a distinguished and original touch. He celebrates his name day on May 10, which is the day of holy Job.

From the meaning of his name, Job has a calm and collected character that inspires confidence and loyalty. That calm does not prevent him from being decisive in key moments, something that, together with his awakened intelligence and his intuition, easily make him a true leader. Furthermore, Job is a familiar person who is not afraid of taking on responsibilities.

The name Job is known throughout the world thanks to biblical tradition. We know some variants such as the Dutch Baan, the Czech Prace or the Italian Giobbe. In any case, we are facing one of those traditional names that are gaining popularity in recent times due to its simplicity and forcefulness.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know the biblical character who popularized it until the name Job became an emblem of patience. We speak of Job, a pious man who fought tenaciously against the devil and whose story is told in the Old Testament 'Book of Job'.

Since then, Job has been a name that inspires security and confidence and that is how we meet the Canadian botanist Job Kuijt, the Dutch politician Job Cohen or the singer Job González. In addition, we find the novel 'Job, romance of a simple man' by Joseph Roth, inspired by the life of the Saint.

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