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Stopped time in the casting

Stopped time in the casting

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Our children grow so quickly, change and grow ... That is why there is no shortage of parents who would happily stop time to enjoy the charm of days spent together with babies. Unfortunately, this can't be done. Time is rushing and is governed by its own laws. Teenagers grow out of young children, and then adults. Slightly reminiscent of staring princesses and princes. Fortunately, there is a way to preserve the beauty of fleeting moments for longer. The simplest is photography, filming, imprinting, but also ... castings. This article would like to show you what it looks like in the last form of stopping time.

Casting sets

For some time, more and more beautiful sets for casting and making impressions have been entering the Polish market. Depending on the child's age and own preferences, we can buy one of them and immortalize what theoretically cannot be stopped.
In this way, you can create unusual, original souvenirs.

My adventure with castings

My adventure with casting began even when I was pregnant, when I was watching various types of prints and castings on store shelves. I didn't buy them. I thought, "I have time ..." Later the matter fell silent.
By the time I went to the store with my daughter and when the little one pulled one of the prints from the shelf and the packaging broke down - the result was the purchase of a broken product. Of course, the print was unusable. However, "something" moved in me. I started searching and browsing the internet when I finally came across a shop where castings could be purchased. Today I am the owner of a casting kit that I fell in love with ...

We make a cast ... - instruction + my experiences

To make a cast, you need:

  • Large spoon or kitchen spatula
  • A vessel for mixing plaster
  • Measuring cup for liquids

+ set composition (casting mold, plaster, brush, etc.)

Step 1 We mix the powder for the preparation of the mold with water, thanks to which a purple paste is formed. Mix it until it turns pink. Then we transfer the mass to the container in which the casting will be made. We put the handle / foot into the mass. We are waiting for the paste to solidify and turn white. In this case, wait about 1 minute until it solidifies completely (if water at room temperature is used).

Step 2 The next step is the so-called moment of truth - move the foot / handle (or arms) so that they slide out of the mold.

Step 3 Then mix the gypsum with water, making sure that no lumps form. We pour the resulting mixture into the mold (described in the points above). Set aside to allow the plaster to solidify.

Step 4 We uncover or cut pieces of mold until it draws the finished cast.

Step 5 After drying, paint in the selected color or protect with varnish. If you purchased a set with a frame or stand, stick the casting in the chosen place.

Because it is not easy ...

When a child does not want to cooperate, making a cast is not easy. It is difficult and can instead bring a lot of nerves. That is why at the very beginning it is worth ensuring that there are at least two people when making the cast. At my home, it was performed by three people and each of them had what to do. It's not everything. Despite posted instructions, photos and recordings, it was not without the help of professionals ... Some help is provided with the included guide and leaflet with the e-mail address and phone number of the shop owners.

Fortunately, the telephone and email contact turned out to be fantastic, so despite some problems with the casting, in the end I managed to make it. It does not change the fact that this set will not appeal to impatient people, and certainly energetic and incapable of hanging out children !!

Additional possibilities

In addition to making an imprint, you can also ensure that the child's name and date of casting are placed on the imprint: everything on the laminate engraving. You can choose the font, laminate color and text on the laminate yourself. You can view the casting kits here.