Writing can correct bad behaviors in children

Writing can correct bad behaviors in children

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Graphopsychology says that the child who writes the 'o' with a tail wants to keep secrets, and the one who puts the dot on the 'i' has a good memory. From what experts on the subject say, this relatively young science, which deals with interpreting children's writing and drawings, can be a door to help parents correct behavior and attitude problems in their children .

Apart from the rules that mark the beginning of children's writing in psychology, children's drawing is a tool that is already used by psychologists. Through the lines, the positions of the figures in the drawings, it is possible to detect aspects of a child's behavior and conduct that need to be addressed. Graphopsychology is related to brain connections, eliminates defense mechanisms and turns children into more balanced people.

The graphopsychologist Pilar Besumán has designed what we could call a 'school book' that can improve the writing and performance of children in the classroom, and thus make them more obedient and meek. It is aimed at four and five-year-olds, including left-handers, who are beginning to write with a marker to make sliding single-stroke letters easier. The method is based on a letter of no return, progressive and fast. The letters are linked, without going backwards or passing through the same place twice and with a certain inclination to the right, which in graphology represents affectivity and adaptation to the environment.

The squared sheets limit the space to write the letter and also the intelligence, because the upper part of the letters represent illusion, and the lower part, constancy and perseverance, so the ideal is to raise and lower the hand. Through this method, dyslexia problems can also be detected earlier. The primer is being used in some schools in Spain. However, some publishers reject it and prefer to use the primers of a lifetime and bet that children will get ahead in some way.

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