Famous phrases of Don Quixote for children

Famous phrases of Don Quixote for children

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Values ​​that Don Quijote de la Mancha transmits to children


Courage is a virtue. But so is prudence. For this reason, fear also teaches children to be cautious. Don Quixote says: 'He who retires does not flee.' Because sometimes, weighing the risks and knowing how to withdraw on time is a great victory.

He also says in another of his famous phrases: 'Withdrawing is not fleeing, nor is waiting sanity, when danger outweighs hope' Y 'Courage lies in the middle ground between cowardice and recklessness'.

Teach your child to use common sense and to be prudent in the face of certain risks to avoid certain accidents.

Sadness is part of the basic emotions. It is essential, and it has a lot to teach. But when sadness is prolonged and excessive, it becomes harmful to people. Don Quixote already said: 'Sorrows were not made for beasts, but for men; but if men feel them too much, they become beasts. '

Children also feel sad. And of course, they can also feel depressed. Stay alert and learn to spot its symptoms.

'Friendships that are true, no one can disturb them'. That's how forceful Don Quixote is about friendship.

Friendship is a fundamental value for children, a value that they will recognize and value more and more as they grow older. Friends teach children many things: to share, to be generous, to have empathy... But not all friends are real. In time they will also understand what true friendship is.

Patience is learned, although it is complicated, especially for children. Patience is a value, and it can also be a great virtue.

A patient person He is able to tolerate frustration more easily, to persevere and fight for his goal without breaking down. From working day by day without longing for immediate results.

And often a great difficulty or tangle unravels only with time. Just wait. Don Quixote already said: 'Trust in time, which tends to give sweet outlets to many bitter difficulties'.

The truth always ends up being known, even if they try to hide it. That is philosophy of Don Quixote, who performs terrible feats to defend his truth and his principles.

Sincerity is one of the fundamental values ​​that we must instill in children from an early age. The truth is more powerful than the lie. Don Quixote already says: "The truth is thin and does not break and always nothing about the lie, like oil on water."

Encouraging children from a young age in writing is giving them wings to express their feelings and emotions.

Don Quixote already said: 'The pen is the tongue of the soul; whatever the concepts that were engendered in her, such will be her writings'.

Don Quixote it doesn't stop there, and it also leaves us phrases related to poetry: 'Poetry is perhaps enhanced by singing humble things'. It is his particular way of saying that poetry does not belong to a few, but is found in the little things that accompany us every day. Poetry, remember, is not for adults. Also children can enjoy with it.

The main values ​​that move Don Quixote to fight are integrity, nobility, justice ... and freedom. But to fight for all this, follow a path, which is ultimately a philosophy of life. This way of life sums it up very well in this famous quote:

'I flee from the gift of life, from ambition and hypocrisy, and I seek for my own glory the narrowest and most difficult path. Is that fool or goofy? '.

Without a doubt, Don Quixote refers to such important values ​​as integrity, nobility, effort and humility.

Hope is the food of dreams, illusions and desires. Without hope, there is no strength to rise up after defeat. And desires, in turn, feed on hope. This is how Don Quixote sees it, and this is how he expresses it in numerous sentences throughout the book 'Don Quijote of La Mancha'.

'After the darkness I wait for the light' or 'Where one door closes, another opens', are two examples of what is the philosophy of this eternal knight errant with a noble heart.

The autonomy is the first step towards freedom. And freedom is a fundamental right of all people. Therefore, you must educate your child from a young age to be autonomous and independent and learn to be free.

Don Quixote already says: 'Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that heaven has given to man.' And yet we must never forget that everything has a limit. If you educate children without rules, limits or discipline, you will have a big problem in the future.

'Ingratitude is the daughter of pride'. One of the phrases that Don Quixote highlights to talk about countervalues ​​that dirty the heart. For Don Quixote, one of the primary values ​​that should be taught to children is humility and gratitude.

People who do not know how to give thanks, according to this emblematic character in literature, end up falling into pride.

Pride, according to Don Quixote, is reached through pride. 'There is nothing smaller than a great dominated by pride', says the knight errant.

Without a doubt, one of the great passions of Don Quixote, it was reading. This noble knight-errant read and read without stopping. His imagination was overflowing and so were his dreams.

Reading brings many benefits to children. Don Quixote already said: 'He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot'.

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