Children's abilities and skills

Children's abilities and skills

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Many times, when thinking about our children, we dream of what will be when they grow up: doctor, teacher, firefighter ... And it is that every dream can be achieved with a life project and, in the case of children, with an educational project.

We must know that every educational project must be realisticSince we cannot teach a month-old baby to ski, nor can we teach very complex mathematical operations to a four-year-old child. The reason is that neither your mind nor your body (physically or cognitively) is ready for it, and it would be useless to try. In the same way, we must know that, for example, to ride a bicycle there will always be time, although it will be easier for a four-year-old to learn than for a forty-year-old.

A student, when they asked him what he wanted to study the following year at the University, he answered very accurately: What can be studied? Just like when going to a restaurant, we look at all the dishes on the menu and choose, we do not order the first one that appears, the adolescent must know all the list of existing studies in the market, what each one consists of, what it covers, what outputs it will have, where are the faculties ...

We count in advance that willpower moves mountains. But wouldn't it be better make things easier for our children so that their learning was more pleasant than suffered? Quoting Fernando Corominas and referring to the Sensitive Periods I would like to put an education that is as practical and comprehensive as possible on the road, where we train our children in all their capacities (physical, intellectual and will).

We can give children guidelines in many fields and introduce them to them. But, once they see themselves with skills or tastes, tomorrow, the education they have acquired must have enabled them to choose what they want, always starting from knowledge.

Starting from the knowledge of Sensitive Periods we can raise a Educational project with short, medium and long-term objectives without stress and with the tranquility of being educating positive.

- 0 - 4 years: work music

- 14 years: speak

- 18 years: Languages

- 28 years: memory

- 38 years: reading

- 49 years: writing

- 3 - 10 years: mental calculation

- 6 - 12 years: basic thinking skills

- 4 - 10 years: symbolic games, games of rules and strategies

In another vein:

- 0 - 5 years: order

- 39 years: sincerity

- 4 - 11 years: obedience

- 7 - 12 years: generosity, justice, a desire to excel, companionship, responsibility, industry ...

- 2 - 16 years: modesty, friendship, temperance

- 14 - 16 years: help the others

- 14 - 20 years: solidarity, social justice

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