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Small bibs

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Small and bulky bibs are obviously not a heavy weight problem. A resourceful mother can handle them easily. He won't complain, because in the end why focus on small things? Sometimes, however, it is worth a little easier life and instead of "medium" or "so-called" products choose better: more convenient and practical. Akuku small tied bibs are not recommended. Although they are cheap, they do not belong to the favorites in their category.

When a child is just starting his adventure with food, he does not always cooperate. Hence, such a small thing as tying a bib can be a problem. Sure, there are also babies who will easily help us in putting on a bib, move the head away, enabling tying, but there are plenty that will protest. Therefore, tying is much better to replace with a more practical Velcro or slightly less comfortable snaps. It will be faster and easier.

The downside is also the size of the bib. This can be accepted for several months of toddlers (under certain conditions), but for larger children it just won't work. The bib covering the area just slightly below the chin mercilessly reveals much more than it protects. The mother of an energetic child will be forced to change clothes after every second feeding, because the food will fall on the blouse in the tummy or shoulder area. Admittedly, the technique of feeding is also important - whether we give the child food in a high chair or in another way. In the first case, the toddler is additionally protected, in the second (and especially when traveling), the small bib simply fails the exam.

Another disadvantage is the discoloration of the material. The bib is difficult to wash thoroughly. After the meal, stains remain, which often do not come off even in washing in "strong" powder. Putting on such a "dirty" bib can cause some discomfort, and often the bib just stops being used.

Of course, there are also pluses: oilcloth, which protects clothes as well as interesting patterns and colors. The low price is also a plus (3 pieces around 8 zlotys).


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