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Not all Fisher Price toys deserve recognition. There are many that leave a lot to be desired. Despite the well-known brand, long tradition and substantial financial outlays on promotion, their choice may disappoint. Fortunately, a block for a block is a toy that can be recommended without any doubt. After several months of testing and repeated falls, as well as not very gentle handling of the toy by over a year old daughter, the pot looks and more importantly it works the same as on the day of purchase.

High durability

The toy withstands bumps, throws off the sofa, window sill and shelf. No matter what surface it falls on, it remains completely. It's virtually indestructible.

Science with style

The pot sings in two styles. It has two melodies to choose from and two learning options - shapes and numbers. In the case of the youngest children, it teaches smooth gripping. Before toddler will learn to fit blocks into the holes, he can throw them up and adjust the lid to the pot, which also takes a lot of time.

The curiosity of the youngest is aroused by a large red nose, which when pressed, lights up and makes various sounds. The blocks are quite large and easy to hold in small hands of a child.
The accompanying sounds are not irritating to the parents' ear. The toy can also be turned down.

Fun that never ends

The pot will appeal to an older baby and will help the child to reach the age of several years. At any stage can carry various forms of entertainment.
The pot has an interesting design, soft colors and a style accessible to small children. The melodies and sounds made by the pot are fun and bring a smile, not only to the child's face.
It is one of those toys that grow and adapt to the changing needs of a toddler: it gives entertainment, improves the efficiency of hands and teaches shapes and numbers.


Nothing is flawless. In the case of this toy, it is undoubtedly weight, which, in the case of a child walking and moving from place to place, can be quite a challenge.

In addition, some shapes - the heart and the star - are moments hard to match and insert into holes (this must be done at the right angle). They should be adjusted very carefully, and gently inserted ones will not come in, which can be quite frustrating for small hands of children.

The manufacturer describes that the toy is made for children from six months of age. However, this is quite an exaggeration. Only a child of about 10 months and older can benefit from the pot's benefits.