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Test of the most popular porridges

Test of the most popular porridges

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By expanding the baby's diet, parents not only reach for fruit and vegetables, but also enrich the toddler's menu with porridges. Store shelves contain products from various manufacturers, whose composition is adapted to the age and taste preferences of young children. In addition to being filling, they provide energy that little explorers need to explore the world around them. We can therefore choose between dairy and non-modified milk products. Manufacturers offer us rice, corn, multi-grain porridges, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Some of them contain gluten and mysterious ingredients, which I will try to bring closer to you.
I took four popular porridges under the microscope, extremely easy to prepare. To treat a little gourmet one of these products, just pour a measured portion of porridge with water.

Multifruit milk-cereal porridge

BoboVita Tasty dinner, Nutricia
After 9 months, 230g, price 7.89 PLN
Dosage: dissolve 50g in 130ml of boiled warm water
(5 tablespoons) porridges.

I honestly admit that this is my favorite porridge, which I gladly steal from my daughter and replace it with a traditional breakfast. Thick, pleasant smelling is a tasty end to the day. However, the manufacturer's assurance that it allows the child to sleep peacefully all night if my daughter did not work. That's why I give it to my child after waking up.

41% of the next milk, which is a mixture

  • demineralized whey powder,
  • skimmed milk powder,
  • vegetable fat with soy lecithin, which is an emulsifier
  • calcium carbonate,
  • vitamins (C, niacin, pantothenic acid, E, B1, A, B6, folic acid, K1, D3, biotin, B12)
  • ferric diphosphate
  • zinc sulfate
  • copper sulfate
  • potassium iodide

28% of whole grain groats with

  • wheat
  • rice
  • oats
  • millet
  • barley
  • corn
  • rye

7% natural fruit powder with

  • apples
  • pears
  • banana
  • orange

Maltodextrin-carbohydrate, a product of starch hydrolysis
Skimmed milk powder
Demineralized whey powder
Vanilla flavor


  • speed of preparation
  • taste - the porridge is delicious, although it is dominated by cereals, the fruit is also noticeable,
  • it smells beautiful
  • easily dissolves in water
  • leaves you feeling full for a long time
  • has a laxative effect, facilitates defecation
  • color - thanks to the fact that it is not white, my child does not associate with milk, which he does not like in pure form
  • consistency - is very dense and when feeding a busy baby with a spoon, the risk of spilling the contents of the bowl is reduced
  • increases the body's immunity due to the content of vitamins A, C and E
  • supplements vitamin D3 deficiency, the lack of which leads to rickets
  • the packaging attracts the consumer's attention and the child also likes it


  • impractical packaging to protect the interior from contact with air will be useful either a paper clip, or it is necessary to pour the porridge into a dark jar / can
  • too sweet (threatens child's addiction to sweet flavors)

Rice-maize milk porridge

Delicious BoboVita breakfast

After 9 months, 230g, price 7.89 PLN
Dosage: dissolve 45g porridges in 150ml water

Modified milk is usually used in this porridge, which is not identical to the products available on the market: Bebiko, Bebilon, Nan, Gerber, etc.

41% corn and rice porridge
33% of the next milk, which includes:

  • demineralized whey powder,
  • skimmed milk powder,
  • Vegetable fat with soy lecithin, which is an emulsifier
  • calcium carbonate,
  • vitamins (C, niacin, pantothenic acid, E, B1, A, B6, folic acid, K1, D3, biotin, B12)
  • ferric diphosphate
  • zinc sulfate
  • copper sulfate
  • potassium iodide

Sugar - in 100g porridges you will find 33.6g of sugar

Skimmed milk powder

Vegetable fat
Fruit Powders:

  • 0.3% apricot
  • 0.2% banana
  • 0.2% orange


  • speed of preparation
  • availability in stores
  • aesthetically made packaging that contains all the necessary information about the preparation of the porridge, its composition and storage.


  • impractical packaging that hinders the tight storage of product contents
  • aroma - the aroma of corn definitely dominates, evidently associated with popcorn flooded with milk
  • it hardly dissolves even in very warm water, lumps form on the surface.

Milk-rice porridge

Banana, Nestle
After 4 months, 230g, price 6.75 PLN
Dosage: 150ml water + 50g porridges

I tested three variants of this porridge - with bananas, with orange and raspberries. Of the aforementioned, only the one with the addition of a banana in the smell resembled a fruit promoted on the packaging. It is worth mentioning that in their composition individual products contained only: 0.6% oranges, 0.5% raspberries and 2.5% banana.
While the smell of banana is intense, it's difficult to find its presence in the taste of porridge. Although of all the porridges tested, it contains the smallest amount of milk, its presence is most noticeable in this product. I wonder her fluffiness. My child didn't like it.
In 2009 the age of administration of 3 milk-rice porridges has been changed. Previously, they could be included in the diet of a child who is 9 months old, now they are ideal for over half a year old baby.

45% rice flour
32% of modified milk

  • skimmed milk powder
  • vegetable oils
  • calcium carbonate
  • vitamins (C, niacin, E, pantothenic acid, B1, B6, A, folic acid, biotin, D3, K)
  • ferrous fumarate - the form of iron that is best absorbed by the young body
  • zinc sulfate
  • potassium iodide

Sugar 30g in 100g porridges
Maltodextrin - acts as a carrier for a probiotic, allowing it to retain its values ​​in the product
Banana 2.5%
Aroma - natural
Bifidobacterium lactis cultures - a probiotic that, among other things, reduces the occurrence of diarrhea.


  • speed of preparation
  • the packaging is equipped with a convenient closing system, thanks to a string "latch"
  • accessibility - we can find them practically in the grocery store and supermarket
  • choice - milk and rice porridges are available in many flavors, thanks to which we can make changes in the baby's menu and prevent the routine of everyday meals
  • low sugar
  • they were very well tolerated by my daughter's stomach, they facilitated defecation
  • promotions - you can often buy them at a bargain price
  • has a delicate, pleasant smell
  • the content of Bifidobacterium lactis bacteria supports the baby's immunity, helps in cleansing the intestines
  • price - of all the porridges tested was the cheapest
  • efficiency - the packaging lasts for quite a few portions, half of the standard bowl reduces morning hunger and gives you energy until the second breakfast


  • for children who do not like milk may have too milky taste and appearance
  • the fruit content is negligible and hardly perceptible
  • tends to clump, you need to dissolve it in more water than suggested by the manufacturer.

Milk-wheat porridge

Juicy Fruit, Bebilon, Nutricia,
After 6 months, 225g, price: 7.49 PLN
Dosage 150ml + 45g porridges

36.6% of modified milk
29.3% wheat and rice porridge
Sugar 42.9g in 100g porridges
6.5% fruit powder from apple, banana, pear, orange and apricot
Galacto-oligosaccharides and polyfructose - 5.7g in 100g porridges
Skimmed milk powder
Demineralized whey powder
Aroma - vanillin

Velvety smooth, very sweet and popular porridge by my child. However, after Bebilon I expected the addition of vanilla aroma, not an artificially obtained, intensely fragrant counterpart. Although the originator of getting cheap vanilla counterfeit from cow feces was honored with his prize with anti-nobel prize, I believe that porridge, whose price per kilogram exceeds PLN 30 should contain primarily natural ingredients.


  • speed of preparation
  • packaging - porridge is packed in silver foil and hidden in a cardboard box, which are a good protection against contact with air
  • content of NUTRICIA probiotics - thanks to them the number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract increases
  • pleasant fruity aroma
  • tasty - the child gladly ate it
  • dissolves easily, does not clump


  • availability - in my town I was able to buy it only in Schlecker
  • high sugar content.
100g PorridgesBebilon porridgeNestle BananaDelicious BoboVita breakfastTasty Bobovit dinner
FIBER5.7g0.9 g1.4 g2.4 g
PROTEIN12.4g12.5 g13g12g
FAT9.8 g10g10.7g9.8 g

Choosing the right porridge for our baby is not so simple. Toddler mother who is just starting the adventure with new flavors has little scope to show off. But with the passage of time, young consumers can pick between cereals with the addition of milk, cereals, fruit, juices and express their interest in a given product or its disapproval.